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Design an application for Persian people who live in a foreign country to familiarize their kids between 6 months to 3 years with their mother tongue.

Danahoosh mockup.png
What is Danahoosh?

We designed an application to help parents or every person who spends time with kids born out of their parent's home country between six months to four years old that familiar them with their mother tongue. We work for Persian parents to access this data and an application to work with their kids for the first step.

Project Overview 
The Problem

There is a lot of data for kids under four years in the Persian language, but it isn't categorized and accessible at the right price. Parents don't have enough time to search and find suitable materials for their kids, and they need to have this data in a complete and valuable set.


Designing an application for parents that they want to familiar kids with their mother tongue


My Responsibilities

UX Research, User Testing, Interaction designer

Project Goals

The goal is to make an app that helps users play a Farsi story for kids. The app gives them the chance to use the text if they like to read it.


Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Zoom, Miro


Two designers


Three weeks

Design Process
User Test

secondary research



Problem & Solution 

Card sorting





Low Fedelity

User testing 

High Fedelity

Clickable prototype

User research summery
Secondary research :

Our research shows while babies are still developing in the womb, babies can begin to learn their mother language. Evidence of this is that newborns cry in the same rhythmic patterns and tones as the spoken language around them. You can encourage this by using your mother tongue yourself with your spouse and family. Sing to your unborn baby and read to your baby. From birth, they can absorb a lot of information easily because their brain is developing fast. Use materials in your mother tongue to expose your child to this and as many other languages as possible. Teaching a child mother tongue shouldn’t be tasking. It is really simple. Some important keys:

  1. Start early

  2. Talk in your mother tongue

  3. Start with single and simple words.

  4. Repetition

  5. Be patient

Survey :

We had surveyed to understand how people think about it, and for the most essential problem people faced it.


We found some essential keys :

   1-  Expensive material

   2-  Lack of valuable and attractive resources for mother-tongue teaching

   3-  Lack of easy access to resources

Interview :

We need to understand how users think and feel about it, so we talked to them directly. Conducting interviews from real people that learn us about their needs. 

We found some essential keys to interview:

1-Parents like to familiarize kids with their mother tongue

2-Lack of resources is frustrated them to work with their kids

3-All materials are in different sources 


Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 11.26.12 AM.png

User research: pain points



In most cases, the lack of resources and unavailability causes the user to ignore and follow up the learning process.



The scattering of information in different sources and applications has prevented users from focusing more on training.



The existence of Persian language resources in other countries is expensive and scarce.


Kimia Habibi

Problem Statement:

Kimia is a mother who needs to practice Farsi with a complete and accessible source because she likes that her son speaks and communicates with her mother tongue.


Customer journey map

User journeys help us think and feel like the user, which is so important. If you cant put yourself in the user's shoes, you can't be sure your design will help them.




In this step, during the ideation phase, I wanted to come up with lots of ideas, so for this step, I prepared a pen and paper to design my ideas fast and free. After a few rounds of creativity, I selected one of them closer to my aim.


I designed several sketches based on creativity and research and selected one to start wireframing.


Digital Wireframes:

wireframe before user test:


wireframe after user test:


User test:

User testing was conducted with people to determine what problems users face. My goal was to determine whether the process was smooth enough and what kind of changes were needed.

We need to add a new category page so that users can easily access information 


To make it easier to navigate between pages, add the home page category to the top of the next page


What I learned:

Managed our teamwork process: The design application is a big challenge for our team to develop efficiently and comfortably. We missed one of our colleagues when the research process started, so we needed to schedule our responsibility again. So I understand during the design process, I have to be innovative and patient to meet our deadline.

Iterate and keep iterating : During the research and design process, it's essential to be patient and iterate more to thoroughly understand all aspects of the project. This approach allows us to identify challenges and solve them with the best possible solutions.

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